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What makes a good language lesson for children?

Looking back to my schooldays, I experienced two different way of learning English. At school, my teacher conducted classical learning method. She would wrote the lesson on the blackboard and told us to copy them. Then, she would asked us to finish worksheet from the textbook and gave us homework to do. In class, mostly we just listened and wrote. Ther were hardly any discussion took place between students and teacher. I found this method quite boring.

Fortunately, my mother signed me up for English course at TBI. I found the teachers were very friendly and communicative. They delivered the lesson using familiar topic such as food, hobbies, family, etc. They used pictures to visualize new words. They also included games, songs, stories, and other fun activities for us to do. I had a lot opportunities to speak and communicate my idea not only to other students but also to the teacher.As a result, I found learning English with these approaches was fun.

I think, a good language lesson requires careful preparation. A set of goals must be set while preparing material. Having clear goals will make it easier to evaluate the teaching process.

Methods of material delivery are cricual to be planed. For children, learning is most effective when it is fun. Therefore, fun activities such as games, story telling, singing songs, making art and craft should be introduced. Chosen activities must combine language skills such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing to ensure total understanding of teaching material.


March 28, 2008 - Posted by | ITEC

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